11 Principles of Wine and Food Pairings

Let’s consider specific rules that will help you choose a harmonious wine pairing for any occasion. Simple with simple, complex with complex Of course, drinking barolo with a sandwich seems to be a special chic, something unusual and rebellious. However, if you go the traditional way, simple, inexpensive wines are the best match for uncomplicated …


Stages of Wine Tasting

Any tasting consists of four phases: pre-tasting, visual, olfactive and taste perception. We will look at each of them in detail. 1). Preliminary preparation. Wine tasting should be carried out in a quiet, clean and well-ventilated room. It is desirable to achieve natural light, air humidity 60-70% and temperature 19-22 ° C. Next, wine glasses …


What influences the Flavor of a Wine?

Many circumstances determine the flavor of a wine, from the weather in a particular vintage year to the goals of the producer who wants to achieve a certain style, rich or light in flavor. Conventionally, these factors can be divided into everything that happens in the vineyard and in the winery. Grape variety, technology and …