Good Wines for Halloween

With Halloween approaching, I thought I might offer some wine ideas to match the festivities. Basically, if you are eating pumpkin related food items or anything with some spice, you want to have a wine that will match the spice in what you are eating. In my mind, the perfect wine to match some spice is Washington Syrah. WA Syrah will deliver some spice but will also be a good accompaniment for a variety of meats (steak, pork, chicken, etc.).
Here are some Washington Syrah recommendations under 35 bucks:
2011 Dunham Syrah ($35 retail, can find at QFC, Met Market and Northwest wine shops)
2011 Novelty Hill Syrah ($20 retail, can be found at Costco and any Northwest grocery store or wine shop)
2011 Columbia Crest Reserve Syrah Coyote Canyon Vineyard Syrah ($35 retail, hard to find wine but can be found online or at some Northwest wine shops)
2010 Goose Ridge Syrah ($20 retail, can be found at Northwest grocery stores and wine shops)
2009 Hogue Genesis Syrah ($12 retail, great value for the price, can be found at most Northwest grocery stores)

Finally, here is an article on recommended wines for Halloween, particularly those wines with Halloween themed names…/