Meet our Washington Wine Blog Editors

Dr. Owen Bargreen is the founder/executive editor of Washington Wine Blog. He is a clinical psychologist and has his private practice in the Seattle area. He is a Level 2 Sommelier from the Court of Master Sommeliers. He achieved his Level 2 Sommelier certification in December 2014 from the Court of Master Sommeliers. This means that he has met the Court of Master Sommeliers standards for proficiency in blind tasting, as well as wine knowledge and wine service. He has been writing about wine for more than ten years and has reviewed thousands of wines from around the world. Owen has also traveled extensively in Washington, Oregon and California, as well as throughout wine regions of the world, including the Rhone valley in France, Spain, Germany and Italy. He speaks German, Italian and English.








 Dr. Stephen Lee was born and raised in Washington, and developed his palate for wine after returning home from dental school. As an associate editor he reviews Washington red wines and maintains a private dental practice in Everett, Washington. He’s also a scratch golfer, living part time in the Seattle area and part time in Portland, with his wife, Cheryl, who is the head basketball coach at the University of Portland. His favorite Washington wine changes from day to day, but he appreciates wines with a good story behind them.





Dr. Jae Hong is a long time resident of the Seattle area, where he grew up in Kenmore and attended the University of Washington for his professional education. He obtained his Level 1 certification from the Court of Master Sommelier in 2016 and is also currently an executive board member of the Washington Athletic Club’s esteemed wine program. His main area of interest is in Washington red wines, along with California and other New World varietals. He is grateful for living in a region where some of the most exciting and innovative wines are being produced, and as associate editor of the Washington Wine Blog, his goal is to bring education and exposure to the wines of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. During the day, he maintains a private practice as an oral surgeon, with multiple offices throughout Western Washington.



Washington Wine Blog is not associated financially with any winery and there is no advertising on the website. Wine reviews are done at wineries, trade tastings or through bottle samples that are submitted or purchased by Washington Wine Blog. For those wines submitted there is typically a 2-4 week wait for the review to be entered on the website.